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You can access individual counselling, parent coaching and group sessions. These will help you find your tribe, develop a support network and reduce isolation.

1-hour teen counselling (in person or online) £40

Teenagers are sometimes a bit of a mystery. They go through many different changes and challenges, including friendships, exam stress, social anxiety and more.

If they are struggling to open up sometimes it can be helpful to speak to someone else. Our qualified counsellor has over 20 years experience working in schools and hospital with young people.

1-hour teen counselling (in person or online) £40

1-hr Parent Coaching session £50

What am I doing wrong?
Why is he/she behaving like that?
I feel so alone, no one else is struggling like me.
Parenting can be a challenge, for support with your child/teen why not get in touch

1-hr Parent Coaching session £50

The Rewind Technique (for trauma) £50

Does it feel like you are stuck in a situation you can't get out of? Do you find yourself reliving things and struggling to put them out of your mind? Traumas can have a lasting impact and the rewind technique can help to change the way they affect you.
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The Rewind Technique (for trauma) £50

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